Martin Schreier

MLaw, Attorney at Law and Notary
Kaiser · Strub · Simmen · Cattin
Attorneys at law and notaries
Dammstrasse 14 (Forum)
PO box 311
CH-2540 Grenchen
+ 41 (0)32 654 99 10


  • 2016               State examination for practice as an attorney at law and notary
  • 2012-2014    Traineeship as an attorney at law and notary, Canton of Solothurn
  • 2012               Arrival at KSC Attorneys at law and notaries
  • 2012               Master of Law, University of Lucerne
  • 2004               Qualification as a primary teacher

Focus of practice

  • Family and inheritance law (marital property law and corporate succession)
  • General contract law
  • Criminal law (core and supplementary criminal law, road traffic law)

Licence to practise

  • As an attorney at law before all courts throughout Switzerland
  • As a notary public for any authentication throughout Switzerland / for properties in the Canton of Solothurn


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian